Everything started from Acquerello enthusiasts sharing their dishes and tagging us on our Instagram profile. We decided to select those pictures that express Acquerello's pursuit of excellence and quality, reposting the best pictures in terms of visual appeal, ingredients of the recipe and its execution. Be them starred chefs, fine food experts or food lovers, they all share their passion for high quality products and extreme attention to detail in their preparation.
Over time @risoacquerello became the largest visual archive of risottos and rice based dishes in the world.
So we decided to bring some of what happens in our digital world onto our packaging, and through it, in all the restaurants and shops that choose Acquerello as their rice.
In the next few weeks you will find a new disc in our cans, with a selection of the Instagram pictures we enjoyed the most: turn it around and discover the ingredients and the user who created that recipe, and continue tagging us on Instagram to be showcased on our profile (and, who knows, maybe on the next Acquerello disc!)
Soon in the best shops and restaurants around the world, and of course on our online store: